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The Edge of the Impossible

The team Dream Tools Media “The Edge of the Impossible 2013-2016″ is one of the best groups of reporters and specialists in the world. They have been in the most dangerous and remote places and nobody knows how to capture the beauty, difficulty and emotion of extreme sports and adventure. “at the edge of the Impossible” was first issued in January 1982, entitled “8000 Dimension” and since then their cameras have not stopped recording. Coincidentally, Joan Quintana led the first episode recorded outside Spain. “Ice climbing in the Alps”. Over two hundred documentaries and risk adventure sport, filmed in some of the most remote places on earth. Many of his documentaries have been broadcast on television in other countries (BBC, National Geographic) and other television networks in the United States, Mexico, Latin America and in the international channel TVE; complete series. The reports “Ascension to the 14 eight-thousanders” shot to the very top involved in wide deployment of human and material resources. To achieve the polar crossing of Antarctica the “polar catamaran” propelled by the force of air through kites designed.