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Backpacking: Why You Need Satellite Communication

When it comes to backpacking gear, it is all about taste, budget, and of course necessity. Backpacking is in fact the most common form of low-cost travel that goes from the independent, self-discovery experience to a more long-distance and long-period of time version of it.

Regardless of the destination and the nature of the trip, comfort and safety always come with top-notch, innovative gear, also considering the unexpectedness of travelling itself: backpacking is all about the excitement of discovering and as it is, safety should never be taken for granted.

As backpacks are essential for those who want to enjoy the outdoors travelling, so are those technologies that allow people to stay connected and reachable even in the most remote places in the globe, whether it is a satellite phone or a GPS tracker.

But why do backpackers need satellite communication? Safety is by far the most quintessential aspect of travelling, we want our journeys to be without a hitch and we expect from ourselves to cover all bases, or at least we should. That’s what satellite communication is for: a life preserver, just in case.

Let’s take a look at some of these devices to understand better the functionalities they can provide you with. As you will see, each of these features match perfectly the needs of backpackers according to their destination and type of journey:

Iridium GO!

Reviews or this small but powerful device are spot on. Iridium GO! brings an almost full communication experience to stow away in your backpack and enjoy global voice calling and text messaging solutions directly in your smartphone, when necessary. With no roaming charges, Iridium GO! extends the functionalities of Android and Apple smartphones to a series off extra Apps optimized for voice calling, SMS, email, weather monitoring, and 100 foot radius Wi-Fi connection for up to five mobile devices.

Thuraya SatSleeve+

Mobility and simplicity are Thuraya’s distinguishing marks. Something backpackers can relate to, preferring to carry less and rather focusing on quality. With the Thuraya SatSleeve+, backpackers can transform a phone into a satellite smartphone, enjoying the “all in one device” formula. Thuraya SatSleeve+ supports the communication needs of the traveller with access to phone calls, emails, instant messages and popular social media Apps in satellite mode, through a universal adaptor compatible with iOS and Android models.

inReach® Global

Ready to get lost in the wild? Better do it with inReach satellite technology from Garmin. With inReach SE®+ and Explorer+, every remote traveller can send and receive messages, track and share their position with family and friends, and trigger a 24/7 global SOS. These handheld satellite communicators with GPS navigation can also be paired with mobile devices through the free Earthmate® App, to get access to downloadable maps and more. Because, as Garmin says, ‘you may venture off the grid, but you’re never out of reach’.

Thuraya XT-Lite

Another Thuraya compact device worth listing is the XT-Lite. This satellite is perfect for cost-conscious travellers, offering a clear and uninterrupted connection at an unbeatable price. Making phone calls and sending SMS messages in satellite mode has never been easier and cheaper. Whether you are a backpacker into mountain-climbing or desert crossings, Thuraya’s XT-LITE is the obvious only choice on the market for keeping you in touch with family and friends at a reasonable price.

If you are still in two minds about which of the above mentioned devices is better for your needs, contact us.