Iridium Certus equipment

We are excited to let you know that the much anticipated Iridium Certus service is finally live.  For the last two years, Iridium has been launching their NEXT satellite constellation. These advanced multi-service satellites provide the platform for Certus and extend the reach of terrestrial and cellular infrastructure like never before.   For years, the maritime industry has been forced into long-term contracts and expensive service plans because due to limited options for satellite broadband connectivity. Now, with IridiumCertus, sailors can realize the truly global advantages of the Iridium network for business operations, safety services, IoT applications, and crew welfare. For the first time within the mobile satellite communications market, real choice and superior connectivity are available to the maritime community anywhere on the planet.

VesseLINK utilizing Iridium Certus gives your critical marine operation global communications coverage. It is the communications solution to depend on for essential communications whenever and wherever you are at sea. Whether you operate a large fleet or a single vessel, this commercialized, military-grade solution is designed to meet your unique challenges through a simple, adaptable and robust design.


SAILOR 4300 L-band is the first in Cobham’s Iridium Certus Connected range of terminals. It is the perfect choice as either a high-performance, stand-alone terminal to upgrade your vessel communications, or as a dependable backup solution for your existing VSAT system.


Iridium Certus extends the reach of terrestrial and cellular infrastructure like never before with truly mobile communications capabilities ideal for critical connectivity needs anywhere on the planet. With a range of data speed available and a robustly designed terminal, Iridium Certus provides a reliable connection for voice, data, satellite internet, Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and location-based applications. With Iridium Certus, customers can control costs by eliminating the need to deploy expensive ground-based infrastructure or large, expensive directional terminals that rely upon geostationary satellites.

Thales MissionLINK provides global terrestrial communications coverage, anywhere in the world. Unaffected by weather or landscape, it is the solution to depend on for essential communications wherever your mission takes you