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Trail Race Everest

The Everest Trail Race (ETR) is a foot race in stages, with freedom of rhythm and self-sufficiency in technical material. During the six days of the event, the riders must pass a distance of approximately 160 km and a cumulative, positive and negative, up from 29,000 m altitude. Each participant must carry his personal equipment and material required, as specified by the regulations for the event. The ETR is developed in the Himalayas of Nepal and specifically in the area of Solukhumbu, between 2000 and 4100 meters. It is divided into six stages of approximately 22 km., 24 km., 37 km., 28 km., 20 km and 30 km., Respectively, and daily-accumulated altitude (+/-) that can range from 3200 to 6600 m. Undoubtedly, it is a demanding career and a high adventure component, suitable for those who want to test their physical abilities and psychic both in a unique environment. The ETR is a race with freedom of rhythm. It is for this reason that it must accommodate both elite athletes and mountain walkers with a good physical condition.