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Interview with Ferran Latorre

Ferran Latorre is undoubtedly an outsider. He’s to date the first Catalan in the world who has reached 14 of the highest peaks.

Furthermore, he has done many other things: camera operator in TV shows as ‘Al Filo de lo Imposible’, expeditions to Antarctica, editor for newspapers , author of ‘Conversaciones cono Maurice Herzog’ (Ed. Desnivel), and he has even won a journalist price Montaña del Festival Internacional de Torelló.

We’ve reached out to Ferran Latorre to answer some questions about his passions and satellite communications. Here is what came out of our informal chat.

First of all, congratulations again for being the first Catalan in the world to climb the 14 highest peaks of the planet. How does it feel to have reached such a goal?

Very exciting, because I was closing a circle of my life. Getting the 14 was a way to reconcile me with the other interesting things in life that I had left on the road. Climbing Everest was much more than just a sporting event, it justified many efforts. I had dreamed so many times that I reached the top …! When I arrived it was snowing, it was very windy, the clouds broke when they passed over the final edge … that is, the last steps were hard, it was as if God, or whoever governs this world, said: “Until the final, you will suffer. ” We always say that the goal is not important, but I, with this speech somewhat good, I do not agree, because the glory of reaching that square meter that you have desired so many times justifies the whole way you have done. It is true that you are so extreme that you do not have the strength to have feelings, as if your body defends itself and does not leave you moved because you need all the strength, but I had been waiting for that moment all my life and the last 10 meters I walked to the top I wanted to enjoy them yes or yes.

We have followed you during your CAT14X8000 personal project and we are proud to have provided Thuraya IP + broadband satellite technology to share your expedition over the Internet. How important is this technology to you?

It’s been a long time since I’ve collaborated with Verasat and you have provided me with all the satellite connection, both voice and Internet. For me it is basic to have a broadband connection and to be able to inform all my followers on social networks through photos, videos and texts of how the expedition develops. I also have a personal blog where I sincerely explain my personal experiences on my website.

With the CAT14X8000, you have also participated in the Sherpa-Everest 2017 project, once again mountaineering joins the technology. Do you see the future of mountaineering, and mountaineering in general, increasingly involved in this type of event?

Sport, in general, is very useless, and doing something productive that helps humanity prosper is rewarding. It is an honor that good scientists led by the hospital of Sant Pau have chosen my expedition to advance in the research promoted by La Caixa on respiratory diseases. I am convinced that this type of initiatives will help to prepare people better in this type of expeditions in the near future with the information obtained.

Let’s go back to satellite communications. How is it that satellite phones and other equipment have changed the focus of your work and your passion? Have you seen a change since you started using them?

In the last thirty years there have been two revolutions of mountaineering: the first was the material of the 80s and the second, the Internet and communication channels. Satway Pro is another tool in this line of global communication in a base camp as well as a climb to a peak of 8,000 meters.The impact is much more beast in mountaineering than in other sports. In fact, mountaineering has historically been a very isolated sport and this is where technology has had the most impact. You are in spaces where there is no access to information, where there is no Internet and practically nothing. The first expedition that I made in 1992 i was incommunicate for a long time. We have gone from being very isolated to being super hypercommunicated

What are your current and future plans? We are always happy to follow you wherever you go. Your Flickr account has tons of awesome images.

Having finished the project of 14 8,000 was the most important. In the future I would like to work in the world of communication for companies and continue tied to the mountain.