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Volcano Active Foundation is an international foundation

There are 1,550 volcanoes in the world and of those, 96 of them are active. Each minute, 26 of these volcanoes could erupt, terribly affecting the safety of more than 500 million people residing around them.

The Volcano Active Foundation was born to improve the quality of life for these individuals. The Volcano Active Foundation is an international foundation that was established in Spain that studies active volcanoes in 5 continents, with strong involvement in the most neglected areas of Africa and South America. The purpose of this foundation is to mitigate the real risks, in the face of a serious rupture or emission of toxic gases, for people who inhabit these areas.

Anne Fornier, the founder of the Volcano Active Foundation, is linked to the world of volcanoes through the founding of “People and Volcanoes”, a 20 year old association that promotes the disclosure of eruptive risks. Studying volcanology, Fornier has more than 10 years of field experience including creating and directing Volcanes Emociones, an international travel agency specializing in ecological tourism in volcanic areas.

As a result of her passion for the volcanic world, in November 2018, Fornier founded the Volcanic Active Foundation.

Verasat has had the pleasure of accompanying Fornier in numerous adventures with our mobile devices of satellite technology. It does not necessarily need to be a volcanic eruption for those in these areas to lose signal around them. Many, if not most, of the disadvantaged volcanic areas where Fornier aids does not have access to network or telephony. Your trust is valuable to us and more importantly the work you do for those that need immediate care and assistance.

From Verasat we support the work of VOLCANO ACTIVE FOUNDATION .

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