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Founded in 1988 in a moment of inspiration during an expedition in Africa, Kon-Tiki has been evolving and growing since then until now. After playing virtually all types of adventure sports, currently Kon-Tiki has specialized in all kinds of services and competitions with balloons.
Members of Kon-Tiki have participated in numerous expeditions around the world in recent years. These investments have led to our members to participate in expeditions by land, sea and air, discovering and adopting innovative projects around the world, giving our people the experience and professionalism of which enjoys the daily work of Kon-Tiki.
From August 25 to September 3, will be held this expedition to try hot air balloon flying over the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, over 6,000 meters.
A team of pilots Globus Kon.tiki has been invited to participate in this adventure with the balloon Petromiralles organized by the manufacturer of balloons Ultramagic Company.
As a technical novelty, balloons incorporate a GPS navigation system and satellite emitting balloon position in three dimensions and sends this data to a web of real-time tracking. Thus, from the web we can see the position of the balloons during flights. For our part, Globus Kon.tiki has reached an agreement with the company Verasat Global to equip our company with this innovative system for positioning and tracking in real time for our flights in different expeditions.