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Kilimanjaro Ultramagic Balloon Experience 2011

The Ultramagic Experience was a 14-day expedition by seven balloons across Tanzania that featured flight over Kilimanjaro. This is the first time that BGAN has been used by balloonists. With a peak of 19,327 feet (5,891 meters) Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain. Verasat provided BGAN equipment and technical support to partners included Ultramagic, S.A. One of the world’s leading manufacturers of hot air balloons. BGAN from Inmarsat provided reliable voice and data connectivity to the balloonists during the expedition, which was vital to ensure the safety of all balloonists. The BGAN connectivity also enabled fans to track the balloon’s itineraries and view spectacular images taken during flight – via the expedition’s web site:
The expert balloonists from all over the world who participated in this event were very grateful for the support that Verasat provided, and for the reliable connectivity that was made possible by BGAN. The BGAN connectivity was especially critical for one balloon crew that was forced to land high up on Mount Kilimanjaro and was later rescued,” said Ultramagic General Manager Josep Maria Llado.