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Manaslu Expedition filmmaker & mountaineer ,experiences in Himalayas

This is the story of Raul and Pedro, a mountaineer and filmmaker united by a common dream: first climbs a mountain over 8,000m. For months, filmmaker and mountaineer move in search of life experiences in the Himalayas rising to end the eighth highest mountain in the world, Manaslu 8.163m. Our intention is to make a physical and mental acclimatization by the Himalayas for 5 months to finish up the Manaslu 8.163m. This experience will be a documentary produced by Abyssinia Films and Television of Catalonia TV3. It is difficult to explain the reasons that can lead a person to want to climb mountains over 8,000 meters. Are surely many or perhaps none of concrete. But the truth is that when you ask yourself a challenge of this nature there is a very strong inner desire to push you. In our case, desire, comes from far away. Rusky, the expedition leader is a committed climber who loves mountains. His career in the last 10 years is amazing with numerous climbs in the Pyrenees, Alps, Moroccan Atlas and culminated with solo ascent over 60 mountains in the Andes. Pedro, the director, is a committed filmmaker and who also loves the mountains. Over the past 10 years has been several times in Africa and South America doing social documentary projects for Spanish Television and Television of Catalonia. During this time, however, has never been out of mountaineering and has made numerous ascents, mostly alone, in the Pyrenees, Moroccan Atlas and has also uploaded a couple six-thousands in the Andes. So, we joined two lonely souls, traveling, committed and dreamy. We make a good climber, strong and balanced.