Leisure & Adventure

Connectivity in voice and data anywhere in the world for the individual user, business trips, adventure, mountaineering expeditions, sailors, pilots, fishermen, hunters, climbers, skiers etc.



Today the media are covering stories in the four corners of the planet. Information is crucial, but the news must be followed where it happens. Communicate news anywhere, quickly and more efficiently than ever.

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Security & Emergencies

In emergency situations, an immediate link with the outside world can be the difference between life and death. Public Safety and Security Services companies must have communications to ensure a coordinated and effective response when fire, accidents, terrorism or natural disasters occurs.


Transport & Logistics

The operations of commercial transport can be done worldwide by land or sea. The communications by satellite can be the difference, optimizing operational efficiency and ensuring the security of the operators, vehicles, vessels and cargo.

satelite para barcos


The technology in Satellite communication can transform lives at sea ensuring connectivity to businesses and individuals. We offer a variety of mobile and data solutions and voice communications.


Humanitarian Aid

Worldwide Aid agencies require effective communication to enable relief operations. We offer a variety of solutions in satellite communications for voice and Internet / data to manage the field operations and response to crisis situations.

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