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Plan Your Safe Trip to Argentina

Lose yourself in Argentina. A country where space is stretched through shaky geometries and unreachable distances. Everything is off scale in the land of the great glaciers and granite spiers. It is the End of the World for geography, but the beginning of a wonderful new life to discover for the enchanted travelers.

What we suggest you to see in Argentina

The Ruta Nacional 40 is Argentina’s longest street and the shortest way to get in the heart of its beauty. It is 5,224 km long, only ess than its half asphalted. It crosses 14 parks, 230 bridges, 27 mountain passes, ‘pueblos’, lakes, waterfalls. The sunset sky is its mirror and silence its color.This on-the-road trail, not only will let you enjoy breathtaking views, but also to immerse yourself in the different cultures, traditions and populations of these places, almost on the edge of the world. Not to mention the incredible fauna that inhabits of these environments: guanacos, armadillas and nandu.

What is the best way to get there?

Without no doubts, driving a motorbike is the best solution. The ideal starting point is the town of San Carlos de Bariloche. The architectural style of the colonial period is a protagonist, as well as being a strategic point to reach Lake Nahuel Huapi and the Bosque de Arrayens, an almost enchanted forest with many free animals and ultra-centennial trees. Bariloche is also one of the few Argentine sites with modern skiing facilities. For this reason, it is called Saint Moritz of Argentina.Returning to Ruta Nacional 40, take care because the asphalt, as previously said, is not the best. After about 900 kilometers, you will encounter the Cueva de las Manos. This name is one of the most important archaeological sites in the whole South American state, famous for its beautiful rock paintings. It would seem that here the first forms of primitive art were performed about 25,000 years ago when some prehistoric women, through their hands, embellished the rocky walls of the area.The journey continues southwards and is certainly not avaricious of emotions. It in fact welcomes you with the cities of Tres Lagos and Leona, and by making a small deviation, you can also visit the small but charming village of El Chalten. From these parts, if you love hiking there are two emblematic summits: Cerro Torre and Monte Fitz Roy. The real-deal paradise for climbers around the world. Among other things, there is the Los Glacio National Park which is an important tourist destination, being the starting point for visiting several places of interest including the Perito Moreno Glacier (one of the most visited places in the world).

How to stay connected in Argentina?

Ruta Nacional 40 will let you discover the variety of a nation. A motorbike trip is surely a must-have experience, but it also involves organization. For renting the motorbike there are a large number of agencies and tour operators who offer such trips and the possibility to do so on site once you arrive. Then, being this a remote zone, it is important to take care of your communications. Satellite phones are the best solutions as they provide a more reliable coverage. Here it is our choice for you, if you are not sure about it, contact us and we will find the right solution for your case.