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Satellite broadband: how mountaineers stay connected

Satellite broadband terminals are providing individual users with relatively high data speeds, even to outdoor adventurers who wish to venture themselves in extreme settings out of town like it happens with mountaineering.

Mountains cover around 22 percent of the Earth’s land surface, playing a leading role in today’s outdoor activities, not only at a professional level.

In fact, mountaineering as a sport and all its related activities, from climbing to trekking, have evolved with the exponential rise of mountaineers around the world into something more than just trying to reach the highest peaks, bringing new needs in terms of gear and technology.

The most recent example being mountaineering at the service of science: the Sherpa-Everest 2017 Project sees de facto the Alpinist Ferran Latorre involved in a pioneering study by the Hospital of Sant Pau in Barcelona. The project aims to “analyze the genetic, biological and clinical impact of lack of oxygen (hypoxia) on trekkers, European mountaineers and Sherpes during approach and Everest climb 8,848 m).”

With the technical collaboration of Verasat, among the others, providing Ferran Latorre with the satellite broadband technology of Thuraya IP+, to share his expedition with the Internet, the alpinist is set to be the first Catalan mountaineer to reach the 14 highest peaks of the planet without artificial oxygen, having already succeeded with 13 of them.

What is Thuraya IP+ satellite broadband?

This technology represents the best combination of stable connectivity and compactness that makes possible to browse the Internet, connect with people via email and social media, and even holding video conferences in any location covered under Thuraya’s satellite network.

As a matter of fact, the Thuraya IP+ satellite broadband terminal used by Ferran Latorre is the ultimate satellite broadband communication solution not only for outdoor recreational activities in remote areas. Furthermore, it is the perfect answer to the needs of those who are involved in broadcast media or disaster management trips, particularly in areas poorly served by terrestrial networks.

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