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Satellite Operators


Created by Motorola engineers in the early 1990s, Iridium is the pioneer of satellite telephony. The company benefited from the excitement of the telecommunications associated with globalization to bring together large budgets and launching 70 satellites in just one year for its new constellation called NEXT. Despite difficult beginnings and results far from the expectations that caused its bankruptcy in 1999, the company was successfully taken over in 2001 by the company Boeing. Currently Iridium’s first client is the United States army. All his devices, including its star models like the Iridium 9555 and the Iridium 9575 Extreme, ensure 100% global coverage.


Thuraya is a satellite operator created in the United Arab Emirates in 1997. Its network of three satellites is mainly used for voice communication mobile and data, such as downloading emails. This network is far from being the best for navigation as it does not cover the Atlantic Ocean and the American continent. This company is based in Abu Dhabi. Among the main models of the brand, also stands out the Thuraya XT-PRO dual the very first phone dual SIM satellite capable of connecting to the satellite network and GSM and the latest model the Thuraya X5 Touch.


Inmarsat is a British company based in London which currently owns 12 satellites in geostationary orbit. It offers several communication solutions by satellite to meet the specific needs of public and private actors specialized in specific fields such as navigation, transport and aeronautics. Except in the polar regions, the Inmarsat network provides global coverage. One of its most popular products is the IsatPhone 2 as one of the most reliable satellite phones, good choice for price / quality and one of the most affordable on the market today.

Subscriptions and Plans.

Like a conventional mobile phone, a satellite phone is equipped with a battery whose autonomy varies according to the models and operates using a SIM card. Once thisif activated, consumption works on the  recharging system or units .
According to the consumption, of the customer, it is possible to buy refills of 75, 200, 600 or 1,000 minutes  translated into number of units. Credit purchased usually has a date
variable of expiration depending on the plan chosen which can be a single month or 1 year for certain subscriptions or plans.
Satellite phone subscriptions also offer subscriptions with a commitment with more or less options available (sending SMS, calls, incoming calls, calls between even more economical operators, etc.) taking a commitment allows you to have an cheap satellite phone.