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Satellite phones: How to avoid expensive bills

Satellite phones allows you to make calls and send SMS using a telecommunications network based on orbiting satellites that vary from Earth’s surface. This could be enough to accept the sometimes expensive prices of the airtime.

Some would argue that this doesn’t occur with smartphones. But there is a huge difference between the two technologies. In fact, in the case of mobile phones, the communications exchange is ensured by terrestrial cells (radio wave repeaters capable of covering an area of a few square kilometers).

Satellite phones, as the name implies, operate on a network of satellites that orbit at a distance varying from the Earth’s surface. Satellite communications, moreover, provide on average more security than mobile phones: all calls are encrypted so as to avoid possible digital spotters interested in listening to our communications.

A satellite phone, if tied to an operator capable of covering the entire terrestrial surface, solves the problem of availability anywhere in the world, even the most remote.

No matter where you are – Himalaya or Sahara desert makes little difference – you will still be able to receive enough signal to make a call. The satellite telecommunications network, moreover, can rely on a wider bandwidth and is hardly saturated: in case of fear of events that can lead to clogs on the cellular network, a satellite phone in your pocket could make it convenient.

And the convenience here is above all in terms of quality. But how can people save also with airtime without spending a lot?

The first option, if you don’t own one of this devices, could be to rent a satellite phone so you can actually spend less on the device itself and pay for the amount of time you are planning to use it.

You may only be going away for a week, but you still have to ship the phone back to the satellite phone rental company. Your satellite phone rental will only come to an end once the satellite phone has been received by the company. So, make sure to avoid late fees.

Another thing to do is to go for prepaid minutes. You can enjoy of our several options among the different operators available on our website.

If you are still sticking to rent rather than buying, we also suggest to make sure you are aware of the differences among all the mobile satellite devices. Would you call more or send sms? Are you willing to give up Internet or you need something that allows you to use your favorite Apps? There are many different types of satellite phones, each perfect for a specific case.

Final tip: all our clients approach us before a purchase. That’s because we are professionals (and with a great history) and we can guide them to make the right choice and the most convenient one. Feel free to ask for help by filling out the following form: contact