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Satway Pro: The Satellite Messaging Service

Verasat Global is glad to announce the launch of Satway Pro. Satway Pro is a next generation satellite messaging service that keeps remote travellers connected to their loved ones and professional colleagues, wherever they are. Available in three plans plus 30 days free trial, Satway Pro App works with Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya within their coverage areas.

Why a satellite messaging service?

Every year, over 35 million humanitarian aid workers, international boaters, adventure travellers and corporate teams journey to remote parts of the world where there is no mobile phone coverage, spending a staggering 1.3B€ on voice calls and text messaging.

However, current satellite messaging services can only send 1 message to 1 recipient at a time, do not guarantee that SMS reach their recipients and are prohibitively expensive.

Satway Pro is the solution. Supported by ESA, through the European Space Agency’s BIC Barcelona incubator programme, our innovation serves as a bidirectional dispatcher between mobile phones and satellite phones, delivering unparalleled convenience with voice messaging, a user-friendly group chat and geolocation.

Satway Pro effectively combines simplicity, next generation capabilities and affordability, cutting satellite messaging costs by 40% and enabling remote travellers to reach 10 contacts with 1 message.

What are the advantages of Satway Pro?

Satway Pro is a mobile satellite service that integrates two-way text & voice messages and geolocation anywhere on the planet. It connects your satellite phone in remote areas to your loved ones via an App available for iOS and Android.

Invite your loved ones, friends and colleagues when you are away. Communicate with all of them at once with one simple message. All your group users will be able to respond and follow your conversations free.

All messages and data location are sent with a satellite terminal over the Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya networks. The service operates on a global scale depending on the coverage of each satellite operator.

Last but not least, Satway pro allows the integration of social media channels for subscribers wanting the option to connect their Twitter or Facebook accounts to the service. All text messages sent to Satway Pro number will be published automatically.

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