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Kymeta Antenna plate for communications by satellite

Kymeta satellite terminal is revolutionizing the world of mobile connectivity

Kymeta flat panel antenna u7 Ku-band satellite terminal address the need for lightweight, low profile, and high-throughput communication systems on-the-move. The u7 family of terminals makes connectivity for nearly any vehicle, vessel, or fixed platform easier and more reliable than ever before. KĀLO™ satellite services from Kymeta can be bundled with Kymeta u7 terminals and purchased in flexible, variable usage packages that utilize familiar and easy-to-understand data plans.

Kymeta u7 satellite terminals with KĀLO service plans deliver an economical, end-to-end, mobile broadband solution

Kymeta antena plana

High Speed Data

Kymeta flat panel antenna provides high speeds data rates

Kymeta antena plana

Low Power Consumption

Kymeta flat panel antenna consumes only a fraction of the typical energy pointed antennas consume

Kymeta antena plana

Static & Omnidirectional

No pointing, no moving parts. Kymeta acquires signal from any angle

Kymeta antena plana

Kymeta flat panel antenna

Easy, reliable, and agile communications in a lightweight, slim package, Kymeta flat panel antenna satellite terminals go places traditional satellite antennas cannot. Welcome to the future of high-throughput communication systems that do not require mechanical components to steer toward a satellite and make connecting nearly any vehicle, vessel, or fixed platform easy.

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Kymeta’s low profile satellite antenna exceeds all expectations in the industry.

Enjoy high speed satellite internet data on marine vessels, trucks, trains, planes, and anywhere you can install this small low profile antenna.

Markets we serve

Kymeta antena plana
Kymeta antena plana
Kymeta antena plana
Kymeta antena plana

Kymeta service data plans

The revolutionary Kymeta flat antenna offers different tariff options for vehicle data traffic.