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Infografía donde se representan una persona teléfono satelital comunicándose con otra persona querida con un teléfono inteligente smartphone y utilizando el servicio de Satway Pro
Satway Pro
Satway Pro
Satway Pro

Two-way satellite messaging

Satway Pro is a mobile satellite service that integrates two-way text & voice messages and geolocation anywhere on the planet. It connects your satellite phone in remote areas to your loved ones via an app. Available for IOS and Android.

Voice messages

Do you need to send a lot of information in a single message, avoiding the 160-character text message limit? Don’t worry: make a call and record a message. Your guest users will then receive your voice message.

Public & Private

2 possibilities when writing a message:
Public: all messages from a contact or users will be visible to the whole group.
Private: all messages sent to the contact will not visible to other users.

Unique Identification Feature

One unique +alias for you. This feature makes it possible to reach you by other satellite contacts or users not invited without knowing your voice number or registered name. The alias is confidential except for your group chat users.

Reliable satellite networks

All messages and data location are sent with a satellite terminal over the Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya networks. The service operates on a global scale depending on the coverage of each satellite operator.


Simply send a message with your GNSS position coordinates; your guest users will receive the position with a map icon. If they select the GNSS icon, the date and time received will appear in UTC format.

Group Chats (1-10)

Invite your loved ones, friends and colleagues when you are away. Communicate with all of them at once with one simple message. All your group users will be able to respond and follow your conversations free.

Easy to use

Simply write a text message, call and record a voice message or acquire a GNSS position on the satellite phone and transmit it to Satway Pro number. Everyone on the other end is always connected to you easily and free of charge.

Guaranteed Privacy

We guarantee the proper delivery of messages through our own infrastructure, deleting them after they have been delivered, except for GNSS positions. We keep these for 180 days for security & rescue purposes.

Twitter & Facebook

Integration of social media channels for subscribers wanting the option to connect their Twitter or Facebook accounts to the service. All text messages sent to Satway Pro number will be published automatically.

Persona remando y practicando deporte de aventura en una canoa en una zona natural selvatica

Adventure & Leisure

Navegantes en un velero mirando la puesta de sol


Montañista equipado con la mirada en el infinito desde un pico alto de una montaña


Caravana de vehículos 4x4 en la carretera mostrando banderas de ayuda humanitaria

Humanitarian & NGO

Corresponsal de prensa equipado con chaleco antibalas en una zona de conflicto bélico


Registration Guide

Choose your Satellite Operator (MSS) to activate the service





For service support or general feedback, contact our support team

Commercial inquiries

Do not hesitate to contact our sales team.


Do you need help using our Satway Pro service? Do you have something relevant that you want us to know? Let us know your suggestions, expectations and criticisms. We appreciate all comments. We will be delighted to help you!


For service support or general information, please read the frequently asked questions first.

They contain tips that may be of use to you and complete information about the Satway Pro service. If you still cannot find an answer to your question after reading the FAQ, please email us for service assistance.

Our team of professionals is at your service. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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