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Thuraya Coverage: Robust satellite network and extensive global coverage.

Thuraya is one of the largest providers of satellite communication in Europe, Africa and the Middle East with a global coverage of over 90%.

Thuraya has a robust and extensive satellite network that covers more than 160 countries and two thirds of the globe gives a reliable value for those who value communication via satellite in a device very similar to current smartphones and of which more than 330,000 terminals have already been sold since its launch.

One of the most praised products is the Thuraya Stasleeve+ combining the best mobility and functionality, since we will transform our smartphone into a satellite terminal maintaining all the functionalities of our smart terminal.

Thuraya defines one of its flagship terminals, the Thuraya XT-LITE, as the most valuable satellite phone due to its great performance and affordable price together with a coverage that practically covers 100% of the planet.

Its top model, the Thuraya XT-Pro, has a talk time of up to 9 hours, making it the satellite phone with the best battery life in this section. It also has the most resistant screen thanks to the Gorilla coating and the brightest in the most complicated environments, and it is also resistant to scratches, bumps, splashes of water and dust. In terms of security, it has GPS BeiDou and Glonass, functionality never seen before in a satellite phone that allows us to have the most exact location where we are. It is one of the satellite terminals with the best quality/price ratio.