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When to rent a satellite phone?

We offer a satellite phone rental to an unbeatable price for your short term needs, both in weekly and monthly terms.

Whether you only require a terminal for a short period of time, or if you need to use it infrequently, renting a satellite phone is the most economical and cost-effective option you have.

From the middle of the Pacific Ocean to the dense Amazon jungle, with a satellite phone you will never be out of reach, as it allows you to make and receive calls, text messages or emails in out-of-coverage areas where traditional or cellular telephony are limited. This happens because, while a mobile phone transmits signals to cellular towers on land, a satellite phone, as its name suggests, transmits signals to satellites in orbit that are then sent back to our planet, allowing communication from distant places.

We offer a satellite phone rental to an unbeatable price for your short term needs, both in weekly and monthly terms.

Communication without limits

The rental of a satellite phone is ideal for those who need to rely on a stable communication from remote locations in specific situations. Usually, satellite phones are used by government authorities, security and emergency services, logistics operations and transportation by land, air or sea.

An example of this is disaster and emergency stages, where connections with mobile phones are affected, making relief and rescue difficult. In these cases, the use of satellite terminals is vital.

The possibility of renting a satellite phone at affordable rates has made more and more individual users consider this great alternative to stay connected during their business trips, adventure, mountain expeditions, hunting, fishing, climbing, skiing and other activities.

Advantages of renting a satellite phone

The main advantage of satellite phone rental is the possibility of communication in all corners of the planet, but the resistance of these devices, which can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, also makes them the most effective method in mountain expeditions, business, humanitarian missions and more. To start using a satellite phone, it is only necessary to have a clear view of the sky, since any solid structure (such as buildings or trees) can decrease or block the signal and affect the quality of the calls.

Like cell phones, satellite devices use SIM cards and offer a variety of features such as call forwarding, contact scheduling, voice-mail, and sending and receiving text messages. Also, the battery has a prolonged duration that varies depending on the model of the terminal; in any case, the display shows the battery level as well as the signal strength.

Why renting a satellite phone?

 Satellite phones are designed to work in uncovered areas or when communication infrastructure is limited.  If you need a terminal for a short period of time, renting a satellite phones is the most effective alternative for trips to the most remote, hostile and not served areas.  A satellite phone is the most reliable method of communication and the best guarantee against any contingency.

Increased profitability for less

 With a satellite phone there is no roaming, the rate is the same no matter where on the planet you are to call, send text messages and emails up to 160 characters.

In addition, thanks to Satway, the free application we have created for iOS and Android, your family, friends or acquaintances have the possibility to send you text messages at no cost. And if you are in an emergency situation you can send your GPS coordinates to be located immediately. It is important to know that with a satellite phone it is not possible to surf the Internet, for this we offer accessories that convert your Smartphone or tablet into a satellite communication device for Internet, from anywhere on the planet. The price of satellite internet varies according to your mobile phone operator and of course consumption.

We work with terminals of the best known brands: Iridium, Thuraya and Inmarsat. Contact us to help you choose and rent the best satellite phone according to your needs.